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WOW! What a Difference!
I don’t know where to begin or how to adequately thank you. You made a recommendation that has reduced by frustration when working in my office and around my home. During my first visit to your office you asked me many questions about my work and activities and then you recommended “Computer Glasses.” I never heard of computer glasses and you took the time to explain the benefits of wearing them. I was not sure how beneficial it would be for me until I put them on. WOW what a difference it made from the very first time I used them at the office; it was like night and day. These glasses may be called “Computer Glass” however they are more than that, they are also for the area just beyond that which conventional glasses are missing out on. For two years since wearing computer glass…
Guy R.

Taking a Close Look at Eye Safety

October is Eye Injury Prevention month, so let’s take a moment to look at what we can do to prevent eye injuries. An important statistic to consider is that, of the more than 700,000 eye injuries sustained in Canada annually, over half happen at home.…

Nowlan & Moore Optometric was established in Winnipeg by optometrist Dr. Harry Nowlan in 1920, Nowlan and Moore Optometric has been providing top quality eye care and eyewear to our city for nearly 100 years.

Dr. Herbert W. Moore joined the practice in 1948, and today Dr. Ross Moore proudly serves the Manitoba community in both Winnipeg and Winkler locations. Born and raised in Winnipeg, Dr. Ross Moore attended the University of Manitoba receiving a Bachelor of Science, and the University of Waterloo for his Doctorate of Optometry. The addition of a Winkler location and a wonderful supporting staff makes it possible for Dr. Moore to provide more of our province with top quality eye care. Specializing in eye muscle imbalance, children's vision development (vision therapy), and contact lens fitting, Dr. Moore takes great pride in providing you with great optometric services.

Optometrists Dr. Stephen Mazur and Dr. Darren Connor, O.D. have also joined the practice to provide the same consistently high level of vision care to all of our patients.

Whether you have specific vision concerns or it's time for an annual visit, call on us for your next eye exam!


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