Dr. Ross F. Moore

Specializing in eye muscle imbalance, children’s vision development (vision therapy), and contact lens fitting, Dr. Ross loves helping to correct all vision concerns and happily provides quality eye care for new and existing clients in his downtown Winnipeg location.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Dr. Ross F. Moore attended the University of Manitoba where he received his Bachelor of Science, and moved onto the University Waterloo to obtain his Doctorate of Optometry. Upon completion of his Doctorate he joined his father, Dr. Herbert W. Moore’s practice, and has proudly served the community ever since.

I enjoy relaxing at my cottage in Gimli, MB and a variety of sports including hockey, football, golf, and water skiing. I particularly enjoy watching all our hometown sports teams. I am not only a fan of the Bombers, but I was a dedicated board member from 1985–2000, enjoying in two Grey Cup victories during my tenure.

—Dr. Ross F. Moore

Dr. Ross devotes much of his free time to volunteering with the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, and is the Past President of the South Beach Property Owners Association. He is a member of the Canadian and Manitoba Association of Optometry and the Winnipeg Executive Association, where he is also a Past President.