Contact Lenses Should Enhance Lifestyle

Your contact lenses should enhance your lifestyle, not add to your worry.

Today wearing contact lenses is easier than ever before. There are more types of lenses and lens care products available to an ever widening audience. Contact lenses move with your eyes which allows for a more natural field of vision, giving you freedom from glasses. However there is responsibility keeping lenses clean and disinfected, etc. The better you care for your lenses, the more comfortable they will be.

If dryness, irritation, or redness are frequent occurrences for you, your lenses may not be performing the way they should.

Prolonged wear of conventional, older technology hydrogel lenses can result in a lack of oxygen to your eyes. Protein deposits accumulated from inadequate lens care can also cause discomfort. With advancements in contact lens technology these are now symptoms of the past. New disposable silicone hydrogel brands offer a healthy lens wear experience.

Always wear your contact lenses as prescribed by your eye care professional. Lenses are only designed to last for a certain period of time, do not wear contact lenses longer than their intended life span.

Clean and disinfect your lenses prior to wear, and always store in contact lens solution. Never clean or disinfect your lenses in tap water or saline solutions.

Ask your eye care professional about which contact lenses will be best suited to you. Today’s contact lenses offer many choices, daily, 2 week wear, monthly, for astigmatism and for presbyopic (bifocal) wearers.