Trends in Children’s Eyewear

Once upon a time, children dreaded having to wear glasses. They were afraid that other kids would make fun of them (“four-eyes” was a standard insult). Often glasses were taken off and stashed in a school bag or lunch pail as soon as the child was out of sight of home.

Thankfully, attitudes have changed, and children accept glasses as simply another fashion accessory that some of them wear.

Popular culture has had an impact on the acceptance of glasses. Harry Potter is only one of many bespectacled heroes in books and movies enjoyed by today’s school kids. Glasses manufacturers have changed their design strategy, realizing that today’s children are as fashion-savvy as their parents, or maybe even more so. Here are some of the things to look for in kids’ glasses:

1) Sophisticated Design
Many children’s eyeglass styles are simply scaled down versions of adult styles. Currently, plastic frames are very popular with adults and kids alike. Don’t be surprised if the glasses your child chooses look just like yours!

2) Licensed Merchandise
Many glasses manufacturers have licensed the rights to incorporate cartoon characters, superheroes, or sports teams in their designs. Kids like to display their favourite TV characters on their clothes, backpacks, and now their glasses.

3) Brand Names
Many youngsters, especially those the “tween” bracket aged about 10-14, are increasingly brand conscious. Many popular brand names now make glasses aimed at this market. Nine West, Banana Republic, and many other brand names know the value of appealing to a younger consumer.

4) Durability
Today’s kids are active. Parents want their glasses to last. Check for features that make for durable glasses – strong materials for the frames, spring hinges that allow the arms to be “overbent”, and polycarbonate lenses are all features that will protect your investment.