The Eye Exam

Did you know that many diseases such as diabetes, can be first detected from the eye exam?

Often headaches are caused by eye strain.  One of the most common ailments that an otherwise healthy person complains about is a headache. The most common type of headache is a tension type headache, which affects two-thirds of men, and over 80% of the female population.

Headaches that are eye-related often occur after an extended period of focused work, such as prolonged period of time in front of a computer, television, reading, or worse, reading in poorly lite areas. Other symptoms of eye-related headaches are burning eyes, fatigue, migraines, throbbing pain, light sensitivity, sound sensitivity, light flashes, and missing areas of vision.

The eye and surrounding muscles and blood vessels can have an effect on one’s susceptibility to headaches. The common overuse and over-focusing of the eyes due to excessive computer and television use can cause a disruption in proper eye function, which leads to chronic headaches.

Occasionally, when a headache is eye-related, eyestrain is not to blame. Numerous distinct eye ailments are causing these ocular mishaps, which can be determined through a simple eye exam. Farsightedness, astigmatism, muscular abnormalities and glaucoma are major players in the game of eye ailments that cause headaches. When eye muscles do not work properly, pressure can build up around the eye, causing headaches that affect the forehead and feel like pulling on the eyes. Angle-closure glaucoma typically accompanies headaches directly over the eyebrows. A sudden constriction of blood vessels can interrupt blood flow the eye, causing an ocular migraine with temporary vision loss or vision distortion.

Almost all eye-related headaches are easily diagnosed through an eye exam and can be treated with prescription glasses or other painless treatments. Most often, a simple resting of the eyes can alleviate eyestrain.  When experiencing chronic eyestrain or headaches, and simple remedies do not alleviate the pain, consult an eye care professional to rule out other causes.

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