Small Eyes, Big Smiles

Buying glasses for the first time with your child can be stressful. Your child will be worried about how the glasses make him or her look, how they feel, and what their friends will think.

You worry about making it easier for them to see, how glasses will impact their self-esteem, protecting their eyes, and of course the considerable expense that glasses can represent.

The best, and worst, part of the whole experience, will be the wide array of glasses to choose from. It’s now possible to get just about any feature you can imagine in a pair of children’s glasses, which in itself can be overwhelming. Here are some things to consider:

Trends in Children’s Eyewear

Once upon a time, children dreaded having to wear glasses. They were afraid that other kids would make fun of them (“four-eyes” was a standard insult). Often glasses were taken off and stashed in a school bag or lunch pail as soon as the child was out of sight of home.

Thankfully, attitudes have changed, and children accept glasses as simply another fashion accessory that some of them wear.