Having a Vision Wise Halloween

Halloween may be the most stress free, fun holiday we have. In spite of its origins, steeped in pagan harvest festivals and honouring the dead, Halloween has turned into a fun night involving children dressing up in costumes, varying from scary to funny, and going door to door begging for candy. Adults even get in on the fun by going out to parties and dances that often involve a contest for the best, scariest and most original costume. But it isn’t always just fun and games. Halloween comes with its own dangers. Some people have been known to put unhealthy substances in the candy they hand out, so parents have to be sure to go through the candy their kids bring home, throwing out anything that looks suspicious. On October 31st it gets dark early so visibility is poor, and there may be rain or snow to deal with, so walking outside may be challenging. But what about the costumes themselves? Have you safety proofed them? Are you aware that some costumes, masks and accessories could be dangerous to your child’s vision, or even your own if you dress up for Halloween?

Contact Lenses Should Enhance Lifestyle

Your contact lenses should enhance your lifestyle, not add to your worry.

Today wearing contact lenses is easier than ever before. There are more types of lenses and lens care products available to an ever widening audience. Contact lenses move with your eyes which allows for a more natural field of vision, giving you freedom from glasses. However there is responsibility keeping lenses clean and disinfected, etc. The better you care for your lenses, the more comfortable they will be.

If dryness, irritation, or redness are frequent occurrences for you, your lenses may not be performing the way they should.