The Danger of Optic Neuritis

Not much is known about what causes Optic Neuritis, an inflammation of the optic nerve. It often flares up suddenly, usually in connection with an infection, virus or nerve disease. There is a strong connection between optic neuritis and Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and often one of the early symptoms of MS is an optic neuritis flare up,

What are the Symptoms of Optic Neuritis?

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is commonly referred to as “Aging Eyes” or “The Aging Eye Condition”. In Greek it literally translates as “Old Eye,” and it usually affects people between the ages of 40 and 65, even if they never had previous eye problems.

What are the Symptoms of Presbyopia?

The first and most common symptom of presbyopia is having to trombone (move things closer and/or farther from your face) items that you wish to read or see clearly. Presbyopia affects your ability to see things that are close to you clearly, so your ability to read a book, a letter or even your smart phone will be decreased. You will either have to move things closer to your face or further away to read them clearly, thus the tromboning effect. Other symptoms include sore, aching eyes, fatigue, headaches or needing brighter lights when reading or doing close work.