Back to Cool – Getting Your Kids to Wear their Glasses to School

children eyewear back to school

The flurry of activity known as September has come and is almost gone, with another school year underway.

We’re in the early stages of a ten month journey to remember to pack a lunch, make sure the homework is done and the agenda has been signed, and a million other little tasks that are part of the great adventure our kids take part in called “school”.

For many children, the daily routine includes remembering to bring and wear glasses, to correct or prevent vision problems.

Am I suffering from Computer Vision Syndrome?

People spend approximately 9 hours per day either on a computer, laptop, mobile device, tablet device, or e-reader device. That is just the average and the more time we spend on those devices, the more strain it puts on our eyes and the more susceptible it makes us to Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

Reading a book is completely different than reading on a digital screen. The main reason is either the definition and contrast of the letters, the background, and glare or reflection off the screen. Let’s also not forget to include the ergonomics of the situation. Oh, and if there are vision issues already present, even the most minor of vision issues can attribute to CVS.

So it begs the questions, what are the symptoms? Are there any tips to preventing CVS? How can I treat these symptoms?

Computer Glasses Can Treat Computer Vision Syndrome

At Nowlan and Moore Optometric we can help treat Computer Vision Syndrome. We know computer screens are everywhere yet as an industry, Opticians everywhere are still learning about what the specific health effects are for spending prolonged periods of time in front of them are.

Eye Glasses for All Occasions

Like many products, eyeglasses can be designed to suit your lifestyle and the many activities you might undertake.

If you spend enough time doing a certain activity maybe its time we justify buying a pair of tailored glasses for that specific use. These glasses might not be useful for everyday eye wear but can really enhance your vision for that one activity.

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What sort of fashion statement are you interested in making this year? Will you go sporty? Maybe you want hip or funky? Perhaps you are looking for a certain colour?

Corporate Discounts at Nowlan and Moore Optometric

If you are a Winnipeg downtown business than Nowlan and Moore Optometric just might have the right fit for your eye health care.

We always keep our eyes open for new partnership opportunities to offer discounts to staff members of partnered organizations. With half a dozen Winnipeg companies participating in the program at the moment, our professional staff strive to provide patients with the highest level of friendly service, and precise ocular assessments to ensure your employees receive first class eye health care.

Corporate Discount Program

Currently at Nowlan and Moore Optometric we are pleased to be offering corporate discounts to staff members of the following organizations:

Help Everyone See the Season

Tis the season for gathering with friends and family, and to make an impact in communities across Winnipeg, Winkler and the world.

Vision care is unfortunately not accessible by everyone, and as such we hope you will consider helping those in need this holiday season.

Watch our latest video to learn more.

From all of us to all of you, happy holidays!

How to Treat Dry Eye

Dry Eye, also called Dry Eye Syndrome or Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca is a very common optical condition caused by problems creating tears to lubricate the eye.  The good news is that Dry Eye is usually a benign condition that carries no long-term threat to your vision, and is easily treatable.  The bad news – it’s very uncomfortable.

Symptoms of Dry Eye
Someone suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome will generally experience a discomfort in one or both eyes that feels like grit in the eye, accompanied by an itching or burning sensation and occasionally blurred vision.

Pregnancy and Your Eyes

A woman’s body undergoes many changes during pregnancy.  Your hormones will fluctuate, her body will retain water, and there is a good chance that there will be some unpredictable changes during her pregnancy.  Not least among these is the fact you’re your eyesight can change.

Most of the time, changes in eyesight during pregnancy are temporary, and revert to normal after your baby is born.  The most common side effect of pregnancy that affects vision is thickening of the cornea as it retains water.  The result can be blurred vision.  In most cases, corrective lenses or a change in an existing prescription aren’t required, as the change is slight and vision returns to normal after childbirth.

Eye Protection and Hockey Helmets

Hockey season is upon us.  The autumn ritual of disinfecting (or replacing) the equipment bag, and inventorying its contents in preparation for the upcoming ice battles is underway in garages, basements, and living rooms all over the country.  There is perhaps nowhere in Canada where hockey is taken more seriously by more people than here in Winnipeg.
Hockey can be rough on our bodies.  Because of the nature of the game, with sticks flying and pucks travelling in excess of 100 mph, the chance of an eye injury in hockey is greater than in any other sport.