Taking a Close Look at Eye Safety

October is Eye Injury Prevention month, so let’s take a moment to look at what we can do to prevent eye injuries. An important statistic to consider is that, of the more than 700,000 eye injuries sustained in Canada annually, over half happen at home. At work, there are more than 700 eye injuries daily. Now consider that over 90 percent of these injuries, both at work and at home, could have been prevented by using proper eye protection. These are eye opening figures.

Protecting Your Eyes at Home

Eye Glasses for All Occasions

Like many products, eyeglasses can be designed to suit your lifestyle and the many activities you might undertake.

If you spend enough time doing a certain activity maybe its time we justify buying a pair of tailored glasses for that specific use. These glasses might not be useful for everyday eye wear but can really enhance your vision for that one activity.

Safety Eyewear

If you do work where protective eyewear is a requirement, you’re surely familiar with the “take one” rack of safety glasses that’s available to you at work.
These protective lenses are effective for people who don’t wear glasses, but can be extremely cumbersome for use with glasses. In fact, if you try to wear them over your regular glasses neither is likely to fit or function correctly, and you actually risk damage to your everyday glasses.

If you take off your corrective glasses, you will be working at a visual disadvantage, a situation that hardly makes your work any safer.