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Happy Holidays

Your Vision Experts in Winnipeg wish you a Happy Holiday season. Remember those who are in need this season - drop by our optometry offices in Winnipeg and Winkler and donate your used glasses today.


Importance of an Eye Exam

By examining your eye's blood vessels, retina and other features, an optometrist may be able to identify early warning signs of certain medical conditions and diseases. During a comprehensive eye exam, an optometrist will evaluate your vision to determine whether you need prescription eyewear and also will check for any focusing problems, proper eye alignment and any eye conditions.

Prescription Sunglasses

UV rays can seriously damage your eyes. Visit us today and find the perfect pair for you from our wide selection of frames and lens options. Protect your eyes this summer.

Computer Eyestrain

The right prescription ensures that you are not contributing to further eye strain. Dr. Ross Moore has advanced unique methods for testing computer eye strain.


Eye Exams are Important

It is often said that our hindsight is 20/20 but did you know there are ways to make our current eyesight just as good. Regular eye exams are a key to good eye health. Get your eyes checked with us today.

Keep your Eyes Healthy - Book Your Appointment Today

Don't take your eyesight for granted. Regular eye exams are the key to good eye health. Book your eye appointment today.

Optometrist Winnipeg & Winkler

We have two locations, one in Winnipeg, MB and one in Winkler, MB. The most important thing you can do to preserve your eyesight is to visit your eye doctor for regular checkups.

Nowlan & Moore Optometry in Winnipeg & Winkler

Providing total eye care service in Winnipeg and Winkler Manitoba for over 30 years.