This should be annual and treated like the rest of your body as your vision will gradually change as you age. Our professional staff strive to provide patients with the highest level of friendly service, and precise ocular assessments to ensure you receive first class health care for your eyes.

Eye Exam

Adults should regularly schedule an eye exam to keep eyewear prescriptions current and to consistently check for signs of eye disease. Preserve your eyesight yearly to see clearly.

Children should have regularly scheduled eye exams because they often do not know what proper vision looks like, so they do not complain until something irritates them or it's too late for treatment. Vision is significantly linked to their learning development, so if your child is struggling in school or exhibits reading disabilities, we strongly recommend scheduling an eye examination to determine if there are any visual disabilities.

An Eye Exam Pretest will be performed by one of our qualified optometric assistants. Tests include:

  • visual acuity testing
  • pressure testing
  • manual visual field testing

Our comprehensive Eye Exam involves a series of tests to evaluate the different aspects of your vision and eye health. Some of the testing is not done during every exam and greatly depends on your age, your eye health, and your overall health.

Exams include:

  • Cataracts - testing to detect any eye related health diseases
  • Eye Dilation Testing - eyedrops used to widen pupils to diagnose common diseases & conditions such as:
  • Eye Muscle Imbalance - specialized testing to determine if prescribed balance correction is required
  • Computer Eye Strain - this analysis can determine if you suffer from computer related eye strain
  • Refraction Assessment - this tests your lens prescription for the sharpest most comfortable vision
  • Visual Field Analysis - this testing can detect retina problems and for diagnosing ocular diseases
  • Children's Vision Care - Complete eye exam as early as 3 to 6 months and again prior to pre school

Following your comprehensive Eye Exam we will discuss the results of the testing and assess any possible risk of eye disease, the assessment of your vision and the preventative measures to take to protect your eyesight.

  • Referral to Ophthalmologist - referrals to appropriate specialists on an as needed basis
  • Post Op Eye Care - guidance for additional treatments or follow-up exams
  • Contact Lens Fitting - we carry all major brands of contact lenses and we will provide free trial samples
  • Eyeglasses Repair - complimentary adjustments and minor repairs for eyewear purchased at our office
  • Colour Vision Testing - analyzing several multicoloured dot-pattern tests can help detect colour deficiency
  • Quality Eyewear Fashion - designer brand selection for every budget
  • Outside Eyewear Prescriptions - we accept outside eyeglass prescriptions

Payment Options

We accept Cash, Debit, Visa, Mastercard, and American Express.

We are also pleased to accept direct billings from the following organizations:

  • First Nation & Inuit Health
  • Great West Life Assurance Co.
  • Green Shield Insurance
  • Interim Federal Health Program (immigration)
  • Manitoba Blue Cross
  • Manitoba Public Insurance
  • Manitoba Public Trustee
  • Manulife
  • Provincial Assistance
  • Workers Compensation Board

Corporate Discount Program

Nowlan and Moore Optical are pleased to offer discounts to staff members of the following organizations:

  • Air Canada
  • Aboriginal Peoples Television Network
  • Great West Life
  • Investors Group
  • Manitoba Hydro
  • Winnipeg Executive Association

Remember, your optometrist and their team care about your vision so if you are experiencing any visual concerns please don't hesitate to call us in Winnipeg at 204.942.0059 or Winkler at 204.325.8986 or contact us by email.