Eye Muscle Imbalances

Do you suffer from eye related headaches?

During our eye exam we will go through a number of tests to find the precise prescription for each eye. We will delicately balance the eye muscles, both horizontally and vertically through a series of images, and through this process we can eliminate numerous problems that could have occurred if we didn't correctly determine the precise prescription for you.

A comparison would be getting new tires on your car and not getting them balanced. You look on your driveway and see uneven wearing of the tires. This is essentially the case with not balancing both eyes, so that the two images are superimposed. This causes wear and tear, like on the tires of a car, but on the “nerve force” of the individual eye. We are all unaware of the extra energy that we constantly have to put into our visual system that compensates for the imbalances.

Numerous people with eye muscle imbalances not only suffer from headaches and tired eyes, but also anxiety and depression. This problem is not new and there are case studies that support mental health improvements with proper balanced eye muscle prescriptions, showing dramatic improvements in areas such as irritability, anxiety, depression, and clear thinking.