Glaucoma is a condition in which the internal pressure of the eye rises to a point that the optic nerve becomes damaged. Pressure builds up from an excess production of fluid in the eye that for one reasons or another doesn't drain properly. It usually affects both eyes and results in the loss of side vision. It cannot be prevented but it can be treated.

Glaucoma is dangerous because it can be painless and can cause considerable damage before a person is aware of it. (Vision loss can occur in just a few hours or in other cases it can take years.) However in some cases, glaucoma causes great eye pain, redness around the iris. As an article from the Winnipeg Free Press outlines, there are generally no symptoms associated with Glaucoma.

Protect Your Vision With Regularly Scheduled Eye Exams

Don't let glaucoma subtly destroy your vision, make sure you and your family see an optometrist for regular eye exams.

We can diagnose glaucoma by:

  • Checking the pressure of the eyes
  • Taking a visual field test
  • Examining the inside of your eyes